Collect, Enhance & Distribute New and Used Vehicle Data

Collect, Enhance & Distribute New and Used Vehicle Data

AutoBase enables you to use one platform to collect and distribute your inventory.

Whether you require an import from a single or multiple inventory sources or collect data manually, we have made the process as painless and efficient as possible.

AutoBase can import your inventory from 3rd-party vendors, legacy DMS, manual input, photo and video uploads, text file, spreadsheet uploads into our inventory management system. Your vehicles are then distributed to an unlimited number of external lead provider sites.


  • AutoBase™ software suite serving as a single point for all your online inventory management. Includes dealer "edit" site which gives the dealer the capability to make changes to any vehicle and "push" updates to external lead providers within 10 minutes.
  • DMS Polling - Daily updates to your website and all other internet classifieds sent automatically  Seamless integration with your DMS automatically adding/removing vehicles, updating prices, creating specials (time stamp), etc.
  • Photo Overlays - Image branding with custom Photo Overlays.
  • VIN decoding - We use ChromeData™ to provide detailed and accurate vehicle descriptions.
  • Market analysis tools.
  • Custom Window Stickers - Can include vehicle specific QRcodes, SMS text messaging , EPA gas mileage, "mini" CarFax™ Vehicle History Reports.
  • New Car Addendums.
  • FTC compliant Buyers Guides - Automatic triggering of remaining factory warranties.  Both English and Spanish versions available.
  • Incentive / Rebate tool - Simple easy to use tool which allows the dealer to enter rebate, incentive, discount and the expiration date.

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