Our Products

  • Collect, Enhance & Distribute New and Used Vehicle Data

    Use one platform to collect and distribute your inventory. Whether you require an import from a single or multiple inventory sources or collect data manually, we have made the process as painless and efficient as possible.
  • VIN Decoding by Chrome Data

    VIN decoding by Chrome Data, the leader in vehicle descriptive data for over 25 years, offers unsurpassed breadth and depth, covering virtually every domestic and foreign vehicle and diving into as much or as little descriptive detail as needed.
  • DMS Polling and Security

    DMS Polling allows dealership personnel more time to concentrate on selling and less time maintaining internet inventory. Working in conjunction with your DMS system; DMS Polling processes daily inventory reports to maintain your internet inventory.
  • Data Exports

    We send all vehicle information along with every picture taken to any and all major internet advertisers, web site providers and vehicle history services of your choosing
  • Window Sticker and Buyers Guide

    Create custom, data-rich window stickers buyers guides with your dealer's logo/colors and automatically trigger the appropriate FTC Buyers Guide based on year, make, age, miles, certification.
  • New Car Addendum Sticker

    New Car Addendums. We can work with your existing pre-printed addendum sticker media or create a custom layout to fit your needs.
  • Stock Photos

    Bring your vehicles to life with a comprehensive, cost-effective library of vehicle images! Stock Photos of the most requested interior and exterior views. All Images are studio quality.
  • Facebook Marketplace Automotive

    Millions of people are using Facebook Marketplace to find their next vehicle. Dealerships can partner with AutoBase to help them automatically upload their inventory in Facebook Marketplace.
  • AutoSpin360 - Interactive Presentations

    AutoSpin 360 - Interactive vehicle presentations are a great way for you to increase overall engagement and conversion from your vehicle detail pages.